shooting pain meaning in Hindi

shooting pain sentence in Hindi

शूलसम वेदना
shooting:    शिकार आखेट
pain:    यंत्रणा प्रसव
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  1. I started getting these shooting pains and tingling down my left arm.
  2. All I could think about was the shooting pain in my toe.
  3. William has sudden shooting pains in his legs, indicating kidney failure.
  4. Last week, Nikki Macfarlane's husband had shooting pains around his ribs.
  5. Today, I was really trying not to get a shooting pain.
  6. I had shooting pains, and my teeth were really sensitive after the treatment.
  7. "With any sudden movements, he's got shooting pains in his back and side.
  8. The Giants reported Peterson had shooting pain and numbness in his upper body.
  9. "Initially I had a shooting pain, now I've got swelling.
  10. "I feel something sometimes but it's not a shooting pain.
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