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दोष निवारण विधि
shooting:    शिकार आखेट
method:    संचार कायदा क्रम
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  1. Dreyer's shooting method was to shoot one individual shot per day.
  2. Training emphasizes shooting methods, fast car driving, all the hot stuff that the young recruits want,
  3. SpectreRF now provides harmonic balance in addition to shooting methods, both of which are accelerated using Krylov subspace methods.
  4. When not traveling to promote his pistol-shooting methods, Applegate spent his last years at the Applegate House in Yoncalla, Oregon.
  5. Cordero was born and raised in Queens, New York and is known for applying unusual, non-traditional shooting methods in his work.
  6. For the Eikonal equation, due to the good behavior of the refraction index just a simple Shooting method can be used.
  7. Khavn, known for his staunch advocacy of guerilla shooting methods, has a reputation for shooting very quickly on a small budget.
  8. The Luthy shooting method is a form of point shooting, which closely resembles the Fairbairn, Sykes, and Applegate ( FSA ) method.
  9. Shooting methods and orthogonal collocation methods can both use h-method and p-method mesh refinement, and some use a combination, known as hp-adaptive meshing.
  10. For example, the shooting method ( and its variants ) or global methods like finite differences, Galerkin methods, or collocation methods are appropriate for that class of problems.
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