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आखेटन वास
shooting:    शिकार आखेट
lodge:    तंबू मांद मकान
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  1. The shooting lodge at Tigh Ban was built around this time.
  2. There is also a shooting lodge for both trap and skeet shooting.
  3. The shooting lodge includes a large stone fireplace, a bar and party area.
  4. Atkinson lived in the south shooting lodge of the Warren from 1905 to 1966.
  5. Situated on a estate, the shooting lodge is named after the former barracks.
  6. In 1854 the estate was acquired by the Ardgowan for use as a shooting lodge.
  7. The notion came from illustrations showing King Ludwig's shooting lodge in the 19th century.
  8. In the grounds, near the river, is a shooting lodge called the Red House.
  9. The main building was converted from a barracks into a shooting lodge between 1798 and 1803.
  10. Hamilton moved to Dungavel House, which had previously been a Hamilton shooting lodge on moorland close to Strathaven.
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