shooting guard meaning in Hindi

shooting guard sentence in Hindi

शिकार रक्षक
shooting:    शिकार आखेट
guard:    रखवाली मोहरा
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  1. Eleven other NBA shooting guards had a higher scoring average last season.
  2. And Nelson remained committed to Hubert Davis as the starting shooting guard.
  3. Carr will move in at the shooting guard spot vacated by Smith.
  4. Nesby started the last 12 games for the Clippers at shooting guard.
  5. Delfino is expected to provide depth at small forward and shooting guard.
  6. The Knicks have taken on the personality of their mercurial shooting guard.
  7. Tennessee shooting guard Latina Davis took the defensive assignment of bludgeoning Roundtree.
  8. And the fortuitous drafting of shooting guard Wesley Person added another weapon.
  9. Why would they want another shooting guard when they had Vernon Maxwell?
  10. Jackson has outscored his opposing shooting guard in four of five games.
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