shoot ahead meaning in Hindi

shoot ahead sentence in Hindi
पीछे छोड़ना
तेज़ी से चलना
shoot:    ढालू प्रणाल शाखा
ahead:    आगे पहले बढ़कर
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  1. The car shoots ahead like it is turbocharged, although it is not.
  2. The line of runners shoots ahead.
  3. The second car shoots ahead, then hits its brakes, seemingly forcing the other car to stop short and be hit in the rear by the victim.
  4. He has finished the " Bug Wars " shoot ahead of schedule, doing 900 setups in 15 days . He and Oliver will spend the next five months in post-production.
  5. There is a hint of turbo lag, a brief, disconcerting pause before the car shoots ahead, and torque steer, in which the rush of power tugs the driving wheels from side to side.
  6. Seizinger, the reigning overall World Cup champion, crashed out of Saturday's downhill, putting an end to her weekend and allowing Sweden's Pernilla Wiberg to shoot ahead in the race for the overall titles.
  7. With over 2, 000 branches, Bradesco would shoot ahead of Banco Iatu SA, which has just over 1, 000 branches and Banco Unibanco SA, with 778 branches after it took over Banco Nacional SA.
  8. Thunder rumbling behind those glowering clouds like the cannons in Tchaikovsky's " 1812 Overture, " seems to awaken Safin, who shoots ahead, 30-15, at 4-4 in the fifth set where raindrops halt them for the first time.
  9. "Generations " begins with Kirk's death in a space mishap ( James Doohan, as Chief Engineer Scott, actually utters the immortal words : " I don't know how much longer I can hold her together ! " ), then shoots ahead nearly 80 years to the Picard-run Enterprise.
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