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• पोत निर्माण
• पोत-निर्माण
ship:    जलयान जहाज जहाज़
building:    कोठी घर निर्माण
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  1. Salcombe and Kingsbridge were busy ship building places, producing the Salcombe schooner.
  2. Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri, a ship building facility is also located in this village.
  3. Ship building has been important since the beginning of history of Pori.
  4. The church attracted settlers who engaged in tobacco growing and ship building.
  5. The people are engaged in ship building and farming to some extent.
  6. From its location, ship building became an important industry in the early 1800s.
  7. The economy of the early village was based on fishing and ship building.
  8. There was a decidedly unhealthy element to this remarkable activity in ship building.
  9. Early occupations in the settlement included farming, hunting and ship building.
  10. Ship building and repairs make up most of Singapore's maritime industry.
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  1. the construction of ships

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