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• पोत निर्माता
• पोत-निर्माता
ship:    जलयान जहाज जहाज़
builder:    विकसित करने वाला
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  1. It is home to Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest ship builder.
  2. These ships, perhaps, were built by the Arab ship builders at Syriam.
  3. Ship builders would also experience sudden increases in their production demands.
  4. New England ship builders often wintered in the south during this time period.
  5. He began his career in 1872 as an itinerant ship builder.
  6. The carved wood baptismal font was donated by the ship builder Gilbert Sheldon.
  7. The ship was stored in one of the ship builder's hangars.
  8. From about 1825 Gordon & Co ship builders ran the yard.
  9. He was a ship builder and merchant from Exeter, New Hampshire.
  10. It's workers were inexperienced and their labor fees were higher than other ship builders.
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  1. a person who builds ships as a business
  2. a carpenter who helps build and launch wooden vessels
    synonyms:shipwright, shipbuilder

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