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  1. I started carrying a Scottish shillelagh around with me after that,
  2. The shillelagh is the wooden club that goes to the winner.
  3. In 1897 Killinure arrived and beat Shillelagh in their first match.
  4. The fifth match was between shillelagh in the groin of Khali.
  5. He was named to the Shillelagh Tournament All-Tournament Team.
  6. USC administrators are a bit cranky about the Shillelagh snub.
  7. A compromise has been reached on the great Shillelagh controversy.
  8. I haven't even seen the shillelagh ."
  9. Then for the shillelagh, and black on its pants and shoes.
  10. It was no shillelagh, Casey said, but it had done nicely.


  1. a cudgel made of hardwood (usually oak or blackthorn)

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