shaving cream meaning in Hindi

shaving cream sentence in Hindi
शेविंग क्रीम
shaving:    कतरन क्षौर छीलन
cream:    रस निकालना मलाई एक
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  1. Pouring shaving cream, from upstairs, onto Uncle Bill as he showered, funny.
  2. Less wine, more soft drinks; soap instead of shampoo or shaving cream.
  3. Both had shaving cream in their beards and razors in their hands.
  4. Can shaving cream and shrimp cocktail find happiness together in the boudoir?
  5. It involves things like shaving cream and replacement blades and after shave.
  6. It can also be used to remove makeup and as shaving cream.
  7. It says that Burma Shave is / was a canned shaving cream.
  8. However QBF-41 offers a sample tube of shaving cream free of charge.
  9. Buy the styling gel, shaving cream and deodorant at a discount store.
  10. _Look for an after-shave with the same ingredients as the shaving cream.
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  1. toiletry consisting of a preparation of soap and fatty acids that forms a rich lather for softening the beard before shaving

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