shaper meaning in Hindi

[ 'ʃeipə ] sound:
shaper sentence in Hindi
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  1. It's just like old times for the veteran shaper.
  2. The case is Shaper v . Tracy, 94-1950.
  3. Too young for foundation garments, too old for body shapers.
  4. The city has a large concentration of surfboard shapers and manufacturers.
  5. Trade flourishes and the Shapers and Mechanists put their differences aside.
  6. The Takers stand for the total destruction of the Shaper Council.
  7. Glorian has also enlisted the help of the Shaper of Worlds.
  8. Only the Tone Shaper powder comes in light, medium and dark.
  9. Body shapers ( think girdles, waist cinchers, elastic)
  10. The tension had evaporated like so much Sebastian Shaper Plus.
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  1. a machine tool for shaping metal or wood
  2. a person who makes things

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