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  1. Tortoiseshell, horn and ivory zarfs required special skill to make.
  2. Zarf started calling himself Zoe and has begun his transition towards womanhood.
  3. Zarf is a female transgender character who fell in love with Bianca.
  4. Bianca decided to name her daughter Zarf and felt somehow attracted to him.
  5. Once all the Zarfs on a level have been destroyed, an exit appears.
  6. Zarf, who was born Freddy Luper, has taken the female name Zoe.
  7. After much drinking, Zarf finally agrees.
  8. Josh and Babe drink too many jello shooters while trying to convince Zarf to sign.
  9. Zarf meets and falls instantly in love with Bianca Montgomery, who is a lesbian.
  10. Bianca didn't accept Zarf at first, but the two are now close mates.
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