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  1. A fast-sober ing yuppy cowers in search of invisibility.
  2. Popular with the growing Student and Yuppy community in the district.
  3. Dodge ball is more extreme than this yuppy garbage.
  4. Unlike India Kings, Classic has been promoted as a brand for the rising yuppy.
  5. What a yuppy thing to do.
  6. The only problem is that Soprano is not your average yuppy suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  7. Yuppy new arrivals live cheek by jowl with artists, dropouts and increasingly hostile original residents.
  8. Eventually, they find their uncle at a yuppy housing development that used to be Tobacco Road.
  9. That could also be said of the food sold _ a mish-mash of yuppy gourmet and junk food that now defines America's eating habits.
  10. Meanwhile, the boys get booked, photographed and thrown into a jail cell with a yuppy murderer, named Herb, and a biker / poet, named Ray.
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