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  1. On the wrestling mat, the Americans won three of their five matches.
  2. For Schramm, the Big Bang itself would be the ultimate wrestling mat.
  3. My brother spent Friday nights under stadium lights or on a wrestling mat.
  4. The center holds ten full-size wrestling mats and up to 55 wrestling squads.
  5. Pride of place in a medium-sized gymnasium belongs to an amateur wrestling mat.
  6. It's " The Real World " on a wrestling mat.
  7. The high schools are letting us use their wrestling mats.
  8. With football season complete, state high school sports move indoors _ to the wrestling mat.
  9. On one side, giant Bruce Baumgartner frolicked with his tiny son on a wrestling mat.
  10. As large as an executive health club, it is centered around a regulation-size wrestling mat.
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