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  1. What meaning did Frazier finally wrest from his pursuit of the past?
  2. Exactly how much it will need to wrest from its unions to operate efficiently is unclear.
  3. The loudest-buzzing bee in his bonnet was Cuba, which he worked for years to wrest from Spain.
  4. According to the historian Ganguli, the Cholas " could not wrest from him any part of his kingdom ".
  5. The Democrats lost Colorado, a state they had hoped to wrest from GOP hands, but not by any landslide.
  6. Despite similarities to these characters'terrible lives, Binoche wrests from " Blue " a sense of overwhelming triumph.
  7. Their hopes for a freer, more prosperous Iran depend on how much power Khatami can now wrest from a failed clerical dictatorship.
  8. Surely the human mind evolved to wrest from the environment every possible survival advantage, including a cell phone that works in the subway.
  9. But most, like Borodinova, desperately need the few dozen kilograms of potatoes and vegetables they annually wrest from Russia's harsh soil.
  10. Fighting continued Tuesday in the strategic northwestern provinces of Badghis and Faryab, which the Taliban were trying to wrest from Dostum's control.
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