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  1. The feeling of anxiety, writes Rank in " Will Therapy " ( 1929 31 ), divides into two currents, running in opposite directions : one toward separation and individuation; the other toward union and collectivity.
  2. In 1936 Taft translated Rank s " Will Therapy : An Analysis of the Therapeutic Process in Terms of Relationship " and " Truth and Reality : A Life History of the Human Will " from German into English.
  3. For Freud, said Rank in " Will Therapy " ( 1929 31 ), " the emotional life develops from the sexual sphere, therefore his sexualization in reality means emotionalization " ( p . 165 ), two experiences that psychoanalysts continued to conflate for half a century after Freud s death.
  4. A crisis " seems to break out at a certain age when the life fear which has restricted the I s development meets with the death fear as it increases with growth and maturity, " writes Rank in " Will Therapy " ( 1929 31 ) . " The individual then feels himself driven forward by regret for wasted life and the desire to retrieve it.
  5. In " Will Therapy, " published in German in 1929-31, Rank uses the term  here and now for the first time in the psychotherapeutic literature :  Freud made the repression historical, that is, misplaced it into the childhood of the individual and then wanted to release it from there, while as a matter of fact the same tendency is working here and now ( Rank, 1929 31, p . 39 ).

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