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  1. In the 1812 version published in " Grimms'Fairy Tales ", Wilhelm Grimm, on p.
  2. The first scholarly study of the manuscript was done by Wilhelm Grimm in 1846.
  3. It is located 25 km east of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm and Franciscus Sylvius.
  4. Wilhelm Grimm collected versions in Celtic are also known.
  5. It survives in an 1828 drawing by Wilhelm Grimm.
  6. Folklorist Wilhelm Grimm was present at the party and liked the tale, according to Andersen's diary.
  7. This reading of the poem is due to Wilhelm Grimm ( 1821 ), and remains standard.
  8. Wilhelm Grimm wrote that it was an amazing coincidence that he and his brother had met this woman.
  9. The clay creatures'mystical aura grew in the early 19th century thanks to fairy-tale tellers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  10. In 1825 the Kassel painter Ludwig Emil Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's brother, came to Willingshausen to study landscapes.
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