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  1. As she passed a wicket gate guarded by Shubham Desai and Mohd.
  2. The origin of the word is from wicket gate, a small gate.
  3. Evangelist directs Pilgrim towards the Wicket Gate.
  4. Automatic wicket gates using the TOICA smart card were installed from October 25, 2006.
  5. The majority of paths have wicket gates or kissing gates, but there are some stiles.
  6. The wooden door is medieval and in the right half has a " wicket gate ".
  7. The inlet is a scroll-shaped tube that wraps around the turbine's wicket gate.
  8. A small wicket gate at the north side of the inner forecastle leads to the Gauja River.
  9. Variable geometry of the wicket gate and turbine blades allow efficient operation for a range of flow conditions.
  10. As she passed a wicket gate guarded by Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, the two opened fire.
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