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  1. Prior to that, the Nauvoo temple sported a flying angel weather vane.
  2. Worcester Woman has emerged as somewhat of a national political weather vane.
  3. Fiske weather vanes were made to tell the direction of the wind.
  4. The barn was capped by cupola with a white horse weather vane.
  5. _The weather vane atop the convention center at the Grand Floridian Resort.
  6. The weather vane is a retired Douglas DC-3 atop a swiveling support.
  7. The house was topped with a weather vane made by August Strauss.
  8. Nathan's ever-present baseball cap is the weather vane for where he is emotionally.
  9. A weather vane made by Paul Revere sits atop the Abbot Elementary school.
  10. The Dutch made ornamental ironwork such as door-knockers and weather vanes.
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