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  1. FOIE DE VEAU PERSILLE Adapted from Brasserie Les Halles Time : 35 minutes
  2. I think there will be clandestine tete de veau parties,
  3. Not foie de veau, thinly sliced, still pink in the middle.
  4. He who pays the piper gets a piece of your cote de veau.
  5. Tete de veau comes in its cooking pot.
  6. Next to tete de veau is " Not on your life !"
  7. Waiter : " And how did you find the escalope de veau ?"
  8. Frankfurter next turned the majority's attention to De Veau's due process claim.
  9. During the night the division organised a defensive flank from Bois de Veau to Bovettes Quarry.
  10. Remember Rolf's, El Faro, Isle of Capri, Le Veau d'Or?
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