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  1. All five piers are strengthened on the upstream face by pointed cutwaters.
  2. The unusual upstream facing outfall of the Derwent is man made.
  3. The upstream faces of the piers show stepped cutwaters and footings.
  4. The upstream face consisted of basalt concrete moulded blocks set in a cement mortar.
  5. The upstream faces of the piers now have triangular cutwaters.
  6. The stonework of the upstream face was also significantly decayed.
  7. The upstream face of the dam was also coated in asphalt for protection against water.
  8. In 1916 there was another major slide, this time on the upstream face of the dam.
  9. An impervious clay membrane was laid in the upstream face to provide continuity with the 1877 embankment.
  10. A concrete-face rock-fill dam ( CFRD ) is a rock-fill dam with concrete slabs on its upstream face.
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