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  1. E . Habrich, Leipzig, 1960 Teubner used an upright type, designed to match the original cursive type, in some editions.
  2. Upright type is also standard for digits and punctuation; currently, the ISO-mandated style of using upright for constants ( such as e, i ) is not widespread.
  3. Incidentally, the above formula demonstrates the American rule that italic type is used for all letters representing variables and parameters except uppercase Greek letters, which are in upright type.
  4. The name " roman " is customarily applied uncapitalized distinguishing early Italian typefaces of the Renaissance period and most subsequent upright types based on them, in contrast to " Roman " letters dating from classical antiquity.
  5. Rosemary may be upright or prostrate in growing habit, so if you wish to train your plant into a pyramidal form or in successive spheres taller than 1 or 2 feet, you'll need the upright type . ( Those who want immediate gratification or wish to skip the training altogether may choose from topiaries available at nurseries.

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