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  1. Ships normally tie up bow out.
  2. More likely, Johnson will pack up bow and arrows and head for Australia, where he's never been.
  3. You could also look to the Edwardian line for a slim multicolored striped dress with a flirty scooped-up bow effect at the derriere.
  4. By the time we cushioned the children onto the canoe floor and took up bow and stern positions, we felt as competent as Seminoles negotiating a maze of swamplands.
  5. When the player draws a down bow, he is to move his right hand gradually away from his body; when he draws an up bow, towards his body.
  6. But when there are no officials around, the Indians aren't afraid to put on war paint and pick up bows, arrows and even hunting rifles to expel invaders.
  7. The tympani and other percussion usually support the brass, but the strings tell you what to do _ a down bow is your right hand, an up bow your left hand.
  8. In fact one of the reasons he took up bow hunting is that it gets him into the woods earlier : Instead of waiting until mid-November, he can bow-hunt in Connecticut in mid-September.
  9. In her fall 1999 collection, and even more powerfully in her spring 2000 line, Kawakubo exploited cliches of femininity _ blowing up bows on dresses to gigantic proportions and affixing flowers that looked like crepe paper to pastel jackets and sweaters.
  10. Each day the boats line up bow-to-stern, usually along the bank of the river, with a set distance between each boat and the next ( usually about one and a half boat-lengths of clear water ).
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