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  1. It is known for its untoothed arching and twisting leaves.
  2. The leaf margins are variable and may be toothed, untoothed or wavy.
  3. Leaves are alternate, broadly lanceolate, green, shiny, and untoothed.
  4. They are untoothed, parallel veined and twisted.
  5. The simple leaves are leathery in texture, with untoothed ( entire ) margins.
  6. Leaves are mostly simple ( unlobed and untoothed ), up to 3 cm long.
  7. Leaves are fleshy, linear to oblong, untoothed and unlobed, up to long.
  8. The green leaves of this plant are alternate, consisting of three to five untoothed lobes.
  9. Each pinna on a fertile frond has three or more pairs of indusia with untoothed edges.
  10. The scales are long and 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters wide, with untoothed edges.
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