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  1. She is a bright child, but the turn signal has her bollixed.
  2. Deluxe models featured fender-top turn signal indicators with a stylized fin motif.
  3. Of those, 53 percent think that little lever is a turn signal.
  4. Turn signals extend out through the mini fairing from the headlight's centerline.
  5. Wadlington envisions his invention as an add-on feature to existing turn signals.
  6. So might someone neglecting to use their turn signal on Interstate 35.
  7. He had a habit of not using turn signals when he drove.
  8. It sits right where the turn signal stem is on most cars.
  9. New turn signals, 20 watt without reflector compared with earlier 10 watt.
  10. The turn signals were blinking, the horn blowing and the stereo blaring.
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