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  1. The group reports to Delaney, who in turn reports to Visteon's president.
  2. The Chief Secretary in turn reports to the Chief Minister.
  3. Phlox explains the situation to the Doctor, who in turn reports this to Janeway.
  4. The editorial page editor will now report to Zieman, who in turn reports to Brisbane.
  5. He in turn reports to a Russian liaison officer at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
  6. The Boatswain in turn reports to the skipper.
  7. Administrators on each campus report to their respective chancellors, who in turn report to the president.
  8. Each bureau is commanded by an assistant chief, who in turn reports to the chief of department.
  9. Silsila reports into a mid-level don, Jaffar, who in turn reports to the big boss Haji bhaijaan.
  10. These supervisors report to the Communications Supervisor, who in turn reports directly to the state-level Communications Director.
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