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  1. As the Allies by the turn of tides saw more victories the attitude of British administration towards Congress softened.
  2. After the turn of tides on the Propaganda Ministry, and was even threatened with prosecution for war crimes,
  3. However, as Chase has more than one magical share, he still proves superior and the temporary turn of tide does not last long.
  4. Eventually, in November 1943, following the turn of tides on the Eastern Front, Radu Lecca became party to Antonescu's revised project.
  5. In late August 1944, with the turn of tides, the King Michael Coup finally deposed Antonescu and broke off Romania's alliance with the Axis Powers.
  6. With the turn of tides, Banu formed part of the Romanian delegation to the Ferdinand I, Iorga proposed that Banu and Matei B . Cantacuzino form a technocratic government of national reconciliation; the monarch preferred a cabinet headed by Alexandru Averescu.
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