turn inside out sentence in Hindi

"turn inside out" meaning in Hindi  


  1. He was wearing a survival hat which he could turn inside out.
  2. Proceeding through the galleries is like watching the city turn inside out.
  3. Hidden stud fasteners and zippers made pants flare and skirts turn inside out.
  4. How did other societies face situations when the world appeared to turn inside out?
  5. Muffin molds, for instance, turn inside out so you can push muffins out from the bottom.
  6. That old putdown, " The lights are on, but nobody's home, " Pamuk turns inside out.
  7. In their small intestines, protoscoleces turn inside out, attach, and give rise to adult tapeworms, completing the lifecycle.
  8. As Sydney beckons and the National Basketball Association turns inside out, Ms . Demeanor gives her mailbag an overdue once-over.
  9. Center said he had made umbrellas that were intended to turn inside out and one that shot out of a gun.
  10. That creates pressure that ruptures the casing, the kernels explode and pop, the water escapes as steam and the kernels turn inside out.
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