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  1. Turn around time varies depending on the services you would like performed as well the level of volume.
  2. A 24 hour turn around time means a high turnover, which means more lockers for other people as well.
  3. Turn around time is generally 1  2 weeks, with 14 days being the maximum time allowed by law.
  4. The average turn around time per vessel was 4.18 days for Kolkata Dock System and 3.37 for Haldia Dock Complex.
  5. The short turn around times available for the RE 7 in Krefeld then led to significant delays on the RE 7.
  6. The main lift, the Milk Run Special, is a fixed-grip triple that has a turn around time of 4 minutes 39 seconds.
  7. They are trained that, ideally, no machine should stop working for more than one minute, with faster turn around times being preferred.
  8. Additionally, MALS-41 led and managed a KC-130 engine and propeller build shop from Sigonella, Italy, significantly reducing engine and prop turn around time.
  9. I purchased several small costume items from him and was pleased with the quality and the two week turn around time on my order.
  10. An upgraded radiology suite located on site brings state-of-the-art technology right into the treatment area facilitating faster turn around time for patients and their families.
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