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  1. Still, the transfer costs are still cheaper than what's available to consumers now.
  2. The transfer costs $ 4 for up to $ 1000 sent.
  3. One-way fare to / from uptown Charlotte is $ 2.60; transfer costs vary.
  4. The service fee goes to Zidisha to cover money transfer costs.
  5. His transfer cost La Juve about 10 billion lire ( dlrs 5.5 million ).
  6. We need to really cut costs, not just transfer costs from employers to employees,
  7. Some police departments have picked up surplus MRAPs with no transfer costs or fees.
  8. Media reports said Giovanni's transfer cost Olympiakos approximately dlrs 11 million for three seasons.
  9. An electronic transfer costs the government about two cents; sending a check costs 43 cents.
  10. Hernandez estimated wire transfers cost a third less.
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