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  1. Keysar Trad has said moderate Muslims need to take back control.
  2. In his memoirs Bechara El Khoury accuses Trad of supporting Edd?
  3. Trad is a member of the ALP's left faction.
  4. His wife, the former Nina Trad, died some time ago.
  5. He and his late wife, Nina Trad, had no children.
  6. Urban Trad now has about three months to find a new singer.
  7. Hilaly's spokesman, Keysar Trad, said outside the court.
  8. The wool trad ing town, with thriving local market.
  9. Trad jazz, a variant, briefly entered the pop charts later.
  10. As a child, she played Irish Trad at a young age.
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