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  1. Wyatt based his design on the Greek Tower of the Winds.
  2. A design for a proposed bathing pavilion imitated the Tower of the Winds in Athens.
  3. At the base of the Tower of the Winds is a blue-faced clock with gilt numbering.
  4. Architect Henry Beaumont Herts designed the Guggenheim family mausoleum, modeled after the Tower of the Winds at Athens.
  5. The design draws heavily on the Erechtheum and the Tower of the Winds, both in Athens, for inspiration.
  6. The "'Tower of the Winds "'is the prominent octagonal tower on top of the old Radcliffe Observatory building in Oxford, England.
  7. Octagon-shaped buildings date from at least 300 B . C . when the Tower of the Winds in Athens, Greece, was constructed.
  8. Greek astronomer Andronicus of Cyrrhus supervised the construction of the Tower of the Winds in Athens in the 1st century B . C.
  9. The park was strewn with temples and follies, inlcluding the mysterious Shepherd's Monument, the Pagoda, Pigeon House and the Tower of the Winds.
  10. An octagonal tower known as the " Temple of the Winds " is based in design on the Tower of the Winds in Athens.
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