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  1. The climax of the game takes place inside the Tower of Babel.
  2. So why is coming home like arriving at the Tower of Babel?
  3. Rather than the Tower of Babel, it is the Pathway of Babel.
  4. The couplet in question, " ", refers to the Tower of Babel.
  5. "He has been in charge of an unmanageable 191-nation Tower of Babel.
  6. Guides drone on in polyglot spiel fit for the Tower of Babel.
  7. "The Tower of Babel " is on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
  8. Experts describe the international cell-phone picture as a Tower of Babel.
  9. "A new tower of Babel is not needed, " agreed designer Frei Otto.
  10. Such ziggurats may have been the inspiration for the Biblical Tower of Babel.
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