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  1. Crumbling fortified towers line the bucolic route, along with walled estates.
  2. High-rise hotels and towers line the district's New Waterfront, marina and seaside promenade.
  3. That's how many peanuts Kevin Towers lined up on the hotel bar that fateful night of October 14, 1992.
  4. With Pittsburgh ahead 2-0 after six innings and Doug Drabek pitching, Towers lined up nine peanuts on the bar.
  5. The balls will be kept in New York by a polyethylene net draped over a dozen 160-foot-tall steel towers lining the pier.
  6. The incentives were passed in 1995, and developers started trading the grand old office towers lining Wall, Broad and Beaver streets like Monopoly hotels.
  7. The big elevators whoosh us from the ground level to the 103d floor in seconds, and we stroll with about 30 others into the circular tower lined with windows.
  8. The round towers lining the acropolis were found to be Hellenistic, the street of columns was dated to the 3 4th century, and 70 inscribed potsherds were dated to the early 8th century.
  9. The communications tower at the top of the building is a small version of the Star Tower broadcast tower line from Landmark Tower Company, which went bankrupt after its owner and chief design engineer died from a heart attack in 2002.
  10. Punta del Este is South America's version of Palm Beach or the French Riviera, a place where luxury apartment towers line avenues along pristine beaches and where rows of million-dollar homes with manicured gardens and miniature rolling hills sit in pine forests.
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