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  1. Tower erection continued when the second set of columns finally arrived in the week of October 24, 2010, almost three months after the first set were placed.
  2. Until a replacement was successfully erected, the station transmitted from a 200-foot auxiliary tower at a power of 25, 000 watts, but provisions had been made to transmit from the disused KRKD ( KIIS ) 1150 AM site just north of downtown Los Angeles, whenever the RF field towards the tower erection crew would exceed safety limits.
  3. In the process of further construction the pace of the tower erection changed over a fairly wide range : the underground and podium parts of the building were being built at an average rate of about 2 levels a month; after the podium was completed, the construction of standard floors went at a faster rate of 4 floors per month, while at the technical 33-34 levels of the building the construction of that floor was significantly suspended and lasted more than five months; one of the cranes was replaced with two more powerful ones, and a strong metal outrigger structure was formed, contributing to the greater rigidity of the building and its resistance to wind loads.

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