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  1. Nakilat's towage joint venture with Svitzer was incorporated.
  2. Asian Terminals Incorporated ( ATI ) and the Malayan Towage and Salvage Co.
  3. The Port of Cork provides pilotage and towage facilities for vessels entering Cork Harbour.
  4. In addition to towage, the company developed shipping agency and tug barging activities.
  5. Sold in 1949 to Overseas Towage and Salvage Ltd and renamed " Sheila ".
  6. In 2002 Red Funnel Towage was sold to the Adelaide Steamship Company, later passing to Svitzer Marine.
  7. Sold in 1965 to Tsavliris Salvage & Towage Ltd, Greece and renamed " Nisos Lefkos ".
  8. Sold in 1967 to Tsavliris Salvage & Towage Ltd, Greece and renamed " Nisos Aegina ".
  9. She was an accommodation vessel in Southampton in 1920 and sold to James Dredging, Towage and Transport in Southampton.
  10. Towage, not necessary for the vessels up to 2, 000 GRT, and mooring boat is compulsory and arranged by pilot.
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