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  1. The diurnal tide cycle ranges only 1 m on average.
  2. Coastal flooding is likely to develop, as strong winds persist through several high tide cycles.
  3. Also, a 16-hour low-to-high tide cycle looks suspicious, as 6 hours is the approximate norm.
  4. Further, the two bays have opposite tide cycles.
  5. The flood continued through two days of tide cycles, a total of four successive high tides.
  6. The central column is designed as an open system allowing an unrestricted water exchange in each tide cycle.
  7. Digital tide clocks are not married to the 24 hour 50.5 minute tide cycle and thus track tides beyond the Atlantic coast.
  8. For example, the tide cycle and eruption cycle changes dynamically, and it impacts the growth of plants and the lives of the villagers.
  9. Many lined seahorses experience temperature fluctuations during the daily tide cycles, the different seasons of each year, and due to precipitation or runoff.
  10. Most river floods will not fill this volume in the few hours of the high tide cycle during which the barrier needs to be closed.
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