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  1. Other related subjects included applied chemistry, electro-chemistry, and textile chemistry.
  2. In 1958 / 59 four-year degree programmes in Textile Technology & Textile Chemistry were started.
  3. He then joined the Institute of Textile Technology and passed the professional course of Diploma in Textile Chemistry.
  4. Furthermore Helmut Zahn and his team of the Institute for textile chemistry were the first who synthesised Insulin.
  5. In 1950, 42 graduates earned their degree in textile chemistry, textile engineering, and machine design.
  6. All textile departments offer B . Tech . degree and Textile Technology and Textile Chemistry departments offer M . Tech degree.
  7. Each year, AATCC honors outstanding members and the greater textile community with a number of awards, including the Olney Medal for outstanding achievement in textile chemistry.
  8. Vivian served as vice provost and dean of NCSU's Graduate School from 1975-1982 and helped establish the nation's first doctoral program in textile chemistry.
  9. As a result, the Institute formed an affiliation with the Hebrew University in 1968, and the Division of Polymer and Textile Chemistry was established in the faculty of natural sciences.
  10. On May 30, 1946, Vivian married Flora Susanne Sulzbacher of Nuremberg, Germany who graduated with a degree in textile chemistry from Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland.
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