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  1. A common point of electrical termination is at a terminal block.
  2. Phoenix Contact special terminal blocks, Interface, and TRABTECH represent further innovations from the 1980s.
  3. Connections can either be soldered, or made using terminal blocks.
  4. A new terminal block was completed in April 2012.
  5. You might also be able to find some useful signals on a terminal block on the opener.
  6. Some older 747s have terminal blocks, or places where wires connect, with sharp edges that could damage wiring.
  7. A special terminal block was mounted on the rear of the tank so that communication wires could be connected.
  8. Say new burners were installed ( on a stove ), when the problem may have been the terminal block.
  9. Printed circuit board ( PCB ) mounted terminal blocks allow individual wires to be connected to the circuit board.
  10. Control units vary by technology by using line and load terminal blocks, relays, activation terminals, transformers, as well as monitoring electronics.
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