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  1. And in terms of credit quality, there are no glitches.
  2. And Wal-Mart isn't bashful about asking for favors, including extremely cushy terms of credit.
  3. "Until it's safe in terms of credit-card transactions, we'll be using an 800 number ."
  4. Culturally, in terms of credit quality and underwriting discipline, Jefferson is a smaller version of Wachovia.
  5. Chilean consumers are inexperienced in terms of credit.
  6. CREDIT WHERE DUE Kiplinger's and Money see bright spots for women in terms of credit and pensions.
  7. "In terms of credit history, but you also have to look at debt service, " Nienhuis said.
  8. We believe that he had access to at least 100, 000 in terms of credit card numbers _ perhaps even more,
  9. Ebner's approval is important because 98 percent of Winterthur shares need to be exchanged under the terms of Credit Suisse's proposals.
  10. It takes a fairly cautious course both in terms of credit quality and holding the duration of its portfolio to a moderate level.
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