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  1. He is dignified, tough, patriotic, and _ not a small thing after two terms of Bill Clinton _ manifestly an adult.
  2. Ward was appointed by President Bill Clinton as the Associate Director of the Peace Corps and served the full second term of Bill Clinton.
  3. Small and medium-sized business will be exempted from a corporate assets tax which serves as an alternative income tax under the terms of bill.
  4. Under the terms of bill, Kennedy said, half of all welfare mothers would be required to work in the year 2000, but the government would not guarantee child care.
  5. Dan Orr was selected by the Township Council from among three candidates offered by the Democratic municipal committee to serve the unexpired term of Bill Kiefer, who resigned in January 2013.
  6. The difficulty of construing the terms of bills of lading with regard to the excepted perils, often expressed in obscure and inexact language, has given rise to much litigation, the results of which are recorded in the law reports.
  7. "' Manuel Flores " Carson " Leon Guerrero "'( October 29, 1914  October 9, 1985 ) was the sixth Appointed Governor of Guam from 1963 to 1969 . He was appointed to the office after the term of Bill Daniel.
  8. The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act ( COGSA ), ( footnote 1 ) enacted in 1936 as a supplement to the 1893 Harter Act, ( footnote 2 ) regulates the terms of bills of lading issued by ocean carriers transporting cargo to or from ports of the United States.
  9. "People are just sort of stunned right now and are trying to assess what they do next, " said Steven Jackobs, executive director of Capital IDEA . " There's a lot of immediate needs in terms of bills people have or their rents or utilities that they're concerned about ."
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