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  1. Rosie Perez was in the middle of telling off Patti LuPone.
  2. Davidson comments, " I made the mistake of telling off Julia Smith.
  3. Woods was quoted telling off-color jokes.
  4. Livingston responded by telling off the organization's executive director, Andrea Sheldon.
  5. But he does things like telling off-color jokes and swearing on the job.
  6. He enjoyed telling off a district attorney as much as telling a riotous story in chambers.
  7. Now, I go to theatres for the thrill of telling off viewers who use handphones.
  8. There is no question that he sometimes loses potential allies by his penchant for telling off other senators.
  9. It's less dangerous than telling off your boss or voicing your complaints to co-workers ."
  10. _Ronald Reagan was famous for telling off-color jokes as California governor, and it never touched him.
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