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  1. Its parent company is China Aviation Technology Import Export Shenzhen Company.
  2. The foreign technology imports were only benefiting a small minority of urban elites.
  3. The China National Aero-Technology Import And Export Corporation ( China)
  4. With copyright protections in place, Vietnam is likely to attract more high-end technology imports.
  5. The shipment was owned by Beijing-based China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation, Yu said.
  6. The surface-to-air version is developed by China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation ( CATIC ).
  7. MITI's Foreign Capital Law granted the ministry power to negotiate the price and conditions of technology imports.
  8. China's economic planners gave priority in technology imports to electronics, telecommunications, transmission, transportation equipment, and energy-saving devices.
  9. China National Aero Technology Import-Export Corporation is helping the Sri Lanka government to create an Aircraft Maintenance Centre.
  10. The equipment in question sold to the state-owned China National Aero-Technology Import Export Co ., or Catic, which also was indicted.
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