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  1. The agency disburses money for the program through its Technology Advancement Office.
  2. The work force has been reduced because of technology advancements, Cashman said.
  3. This is more so in an era of rapid technology advancement and development.
  4. He attracts Malaysian scholars abroad to develop the country through science and technology advancement.
  5. Technology advancements also are bringing changes.
  6. The organization aims to identify resolutions for the challenges presented by technology advancements to these creative industries.
  7. "Technology advancements will bring access farther and farther, " said CompuServe's Shafer.
  8. Rural development and technology advancement programs shared the same amount of allocation  at 370 billion yuan each.
  9. Also contributing tonotebook sales is technology advancement, which has developed real desktop powerin a compact, portable PC.
  10. Peng received numerous prestigious prizes in China including National Natural Science Prize and National Science and Technology Advancement Prize.
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