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  1. Moraine Mayor Roger Matheny supported using tax abatements to retain jobs.
  2. For the commercial area, there is no property tax abatement.
  3. Southpark Center received no tax abatement or other incentives from the city.
  4. He opposed to using taxpayer money or giving the Oilers tax abatements.
  5. But Sibley is expected to criticize tax abatement by schools in general.
  6. They also provide property tax abatement and exemptions from state income tax.
  7. Still, I probably would not have proceeded without the tax abatement.
  8. The company plans to ask for a property tax abatement.
  9. Tax Abatement is used to cut property taxes to develop a property.
  10. DeBellis said he was applying for a five-year city tax abatement.
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