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  1. A compass for taking bearings was hidden in the lid of the prayer wheel.
  2. If the worst comes to the worst, you go back to the age-old methods of taking bearings.
  3. Magnetic card compass designs normally require a separate protractor tool in order to take bearings directly from a map.
  4. Non-magnetic methods of taking bearings, such as with gyrocompass, GPS ) or radio navigation, are not subject to magnetic deviation.
  5. Making this system work properly required the two base end stations to take bearings on the target at precisely the same time.
  6. By taking bearings to two or more broadcast stations and plotting the intersecting bearings, the navigator could locate the relative position of his ship or aircraft.
  7. The capsule is mounted in a transparent baseplate containing a " direction-of-travel " ( DOT ) indicator for use in taking bearings directly from a map.
  8. He described how to make observations of the sun and stars, using a cross-staff, and how to plot coastal features from the ship by taking bearings using triangulation.
  9. Dissatisfied with existing field compasses, which required a separate protractor in order to take bearings from a map, Tillander decided to incorporate both instruments into a single instrument.
  10. More recently, during the Apollo program, it was common for astronauts to be trained in celestial navigation, and to use a list of naked-eye stars from which to take bearings.
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