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  1. Study on characters of self - vibration for simple - supported rpc t - beams
  2. The erection technology of 30m t - beam of the ramp bridge on weak subgrade
  3. A refined analysis method for shear lag effect of thin - walled t - beams with wide flanges
  4. Furthermore , it intruduces the experience of static load test for large - sized t - beam
  5. Experimental study of nondestructive testing for grouting quality in prestressed concrete t - beam
  6. Experimental study on diagonal crack widths of reinforced concrete t - beams with high - strength stirrup
  7. Experimental study on concrete t - beams strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets on three sides
  8. Dot corrosion and delamination models were employed during the simulation . finally , the mechanical properties of a t - beam of an actual bridge have been analyzed
  9. At last the results obtained are compared with those of t - beams , which shows : 1 ) the base frequency of t - beam and box girder bridge is different not only in the value but also in vibration direction
  10. 2 ) the value of base frequency , which is the first order vertical - bending vibration , is bigger in box girder bridges than those of t - beams . it shows that the vibration performance of box girder bridge is better than t - beams . 3 ) when considering the shear deformation of beam , the vibration frequency calculated by is bigger than those not considering the shear deformation
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