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  1. "Pan and Syrinx " was particularly well received.
  2. The second describes the love affair between Silenus and the nymph Syrinx.
  3. Syrinx is captured and tortured as a prelude to possession.
  4. Syrinxes usually result from lesions that partially obstruct CSF flow.
  5. Syrinx released its first ( eponymous ) album in 1970.
  6. No New World vulture possesses a syrinx, the vocal organ of birds.
  7. Because it lacks a syrinx, it can only utter hisses and grunts.
  8. It is a bronze figure of Syrinx sitting on a limestone tree stump.
  9. As the piece features Syrinx it obviously has major parts for woodwind solos.
  10. Surgical treatment is aimed at correcting the condition that allowed the syrinx to form.
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