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  1. The equipment worth dlrs 40, 000 allows setting up two surgical wards.
  2. Five others less seriously wounded were receiving care on regular surgical wards.
  3. Nursing practice on surgical wards differs from that of medical wards.
  4. She had previously worked as a surgical ward nurse in Thailand and Afghanistan.
  5. The surgical ward was named the " McCulloch Ward " to commemorate his generosity.
  6. The current main hospital canteen was a former surgical ward.
  7. The Yellow zone holds surgical wards, half the operating theatres and the outpatients department.
  8. It includes such medical facilities as general surgical wards, out-patient rooms and an X-ray laboratory.
  9. This strange situation resulted from the fact that the female surgical ward abutted the garret.
  10. In addition to general and surgical wards, the hospital is equipped with three operating theatres.
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