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  1. He remains in critical condition in a surgical trauma unit.
  2. Both products reduce surgical adhesion formation caused by direct surgical trauma such as incisions.
  3. He is recovering in the surgical trauma ward, with a police guard at the door to his room.
  4. Mild inflammatory swelling may follow dental extractions but is unusual unless the procedure was difficult and significant surgical trauma occurred.
  5. In 1839 to 1872, the mortality reports show that surgical trauma and postoperative infection were the greatest causes of death.
  6. He conceptualized and implemented the first Air Force rapid-response surgical team in Europe the flying ambulance surgical trauma team.
  7. Seprafilm is an FDA-approved product designed to reduce adhesions by acting as a physical barrier between tissues damaged by direct surgical trauma.
  8. The grief-stricken Nora slowly realizes, to her horror, that Julius did not die of surgical trauma; he was murdered.
  9. He has since gone on to advanced work in reduced port and endoscopic surgery, where there is enormous potential for future reduction of surgical trauma.
  10. In the United Kingdom, the Royal College of Surgeons of England is responsible for training consultants via the Definitive Surgical Trauma Skills course ( DSTS ) for Orthopaedics.
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