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  1. It is still the basis for many modern surgical dressings.
  2. The incision is closed with two layers of surgical dressing.
  3. The plant is so absorbent it was used as surgical dressing in both World Wars.
  4. Saleh was taken to the operating room multiple times so physicians could change his surgical dressings.
  5. Tanks, rockets, machine gun ammo, extra boots, spare radios, bomb cradles, trucks, field rations, surgical dressings and body bags.
  6. Regular changes of surgical dressings, observation of drainage, and looking for other complications may be necessary to prevent re-operation.
  7. This was in turn derived from Gamgee Tissue, a surgical dressing invented by a 19th-century Birmingham surgeon named Sampson Gamgee.
  8. She responded by organizing Girl Scouts to help the Red Cross by making surgical dressings and knitting clothing for soldiers.
  9. It was originally introduced in 1893 as the first antiseptic surgical dressing ointment, by Norwich Pharmaceuticals who later brought Pepto Bismol to market.
  10. The report notes that Sinn Fein members were known to be buying surgical dressings and British firms had been warned not to supply them.
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